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About Diabetes Undone!

You can reverse type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.*

This dynamic video course will empower you to address the root causes of disease through simple lifestyle strategies rather than dealing with symptoms. Start your journey back to health today!

*The results shown are based on active and strict changes to ones diet and physical activity. Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.

Meet Our Presenters


Wes Youngberg, DrPH

With over 25 years of clinical experience empowering clients to use integrative therapies to prevent and reverse serious health conditions, he is also the author of Goodbye Diabetes and Hello Healthy. He trained at Loma Linda University, earning a doctor of public health degree in clinical preventative care and a master of public health degree in nutrition. Dr. Youngberg is also a certified nutrition specialist and a founding director and fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.


Brenda Davis, RD

Best-selling author and internationally acclaimed speaker, Brenda Davis is widely regarded as a pioneer in the plant-based food movement and has worked as a public health nutritionist, clinical nutrition specialist, nutrition consultant, and academic nutrition instructor. She is a featured speaker at nutrition, medical, and health conferences throughout the world. In 2007, she was inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame.

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